Tuesday, 17 January 2012

“Retired mob boss Du-heon enrolls in a cooking class with the hopes of making a fresh start as a restaurant owner. In the class he meets a quirky girl, Se-bin, and finds himself drawn to her mysterious charms. Despite his determination to wipe the slate clean, Du-heon is summoned back into the criminal fold by his old colleagues to stop his successor expanding the mob business into prostitution and drug-dealing.But there’s more to the girl from the cooking class than meets the eye: Se-bin is a contract killer hired by the new boss. She keeps a close eye on Du-heon and watches for an opportunity to take him out. However, she comes into conflict with herself as she grows attached to him.When her friend and partner, Eun-jeong, is kidnapped by the new boss, she suggests that she kill Du-heon in exchange for her friend’s safe return. On a vast salt farm, Se-bin and Du-heon come face to face in a final showdown."

New Movie..Kualiti DVDRip.. Genre: Action | Crime | Romance .. English HardSub... Sila join menggunakan hj split atau 7zip sebelum play (kecuali single link) .. ~SELAMAT MENONTON~

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