Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Friday Killer (2011) DVDRip 350MB Mediafire

Thep Po-ngam is back in this sequel of a hitman saga in which he hunts down crooked politicians in Thailand

aka หมาแก่ อันตราย (ma kae antarai) | dangerous old dog
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 Action | Comedy

Gangster Exchange (2010) DVDRip 350MB 

Karate meets Kalashnikovs as the uncontrollable force and the immovable object are thrown together in this bloody hilarious action comedy! Hiro’s a Tokyo cyber-punk Yakuza with a simple mission: smuggle a toilet made of pure heroin to New York City. If he fails his boss will stick his sword where the rising sun don’t shine. Marco’s a muscle mountain enforcer working for a family of ex-commandos from the Bosnian war. He’s an entry-level thug with dreams of rising up the ranks. But in the Bosnian mob, promotion is spelled AK-47. When a bloody New York mob war erupts and Hiro and Marco snatch the toilet. It’s worth millions if they can find somebody who can decipher the Japanese chemistry formula. Wounded, hunted and dragging a 50-pound toilet made of heroin; they race around New York. Through sleazy alleyways, bouncer brawls, sniper shoot-outs and a biker war they’re on a quest to find a Japanese chemist

Info: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0846004/

“Retired mob boss Du-heon enrolls in a cooking class with the hopes of making a fresh start as a restaurant owner. In the class he meets a quirky girl, Se-bin, and finds himself drawn to her mysterious charms. Despite his determination to wipe the slate clean, Du-heon is summoned back into the criminal fold by his old colleagues to stop his successor expanding the mob business into prostitution and drug-dealing.But there’s more to the girl from the cooking class than meets the eye: Se-bin is a contract killer hired by the new boss. She keeps a close eye on Du-heon and watches for an opportunity to take him out. However, she comes into conflict with herself as she grows attached to him.When her friend and partner, Eun-jeong, is kidnapped by the new boss, she suggests that she kill Du-heon in exchange for her friend’s safe return. On a vast salt farm, Se-bin and Du-heon come face to face in a final showdown."

New Movie..Kualiti DVDRip.. Genre: Action | Crime | Romance .. English HardSub... Sila join menggunakan hj split atau 7zip sebelum play (kecuali single link) .. ~SELAMAT MENONTON~

“Set in Southern California, a father moves his young family to the countryside to renovate and re-open a struggling zoo."

New Movie..Kualiti CAMRip.. Genre: Comedy | Drama | Family .. Tiada Subtitle... Sila join menggunakan hj split atau 7zip sebelum play (kecuali single link) .. ~SELAMAT MENONTON~
“Alcatraz Season 01 Episode 01: Pilot - A murder case leads police detective Rebecca Madsen and Alcatraz expert Diego Soto to discover Jack Sylvane, a supposedly dead Alcatraz inmate, is still alive and hasn't aged a day. With the help of government agent Emerson Hauser, they soon discover that Sylvane is only a small part of a much larger, more sinister present-day threat."

“Alcatraz Season 01 Episode 02: Ernest Cobb - When Ernest Cobb, a sniper, begins targeting young victims, the team is forced to retrace the steps of the past in order to solve this modern day mystery."

New TV Series... Dengan English Hard-Subbed..... Single link .. ~SELAMAT MENONTON~

“To protect his brother-in-law from a drug lord, a former smuggler heads to Panama to score millions of dollars in counterfeit bills."

New Movie..Kualiti CAMRip.. Genre: Action | Crime | Drama .. Tiada Subtitle... Sila join menggunakan hj split atau 7zip sebelum play (kecuali single link) .. ~SELAMAT MENONTON~
“"Petaling Street Warrior" is set in Petaling Street in 1908. It tells of a Hokkien mee seller (Mark Lee) who finds himself entangled in deadly battles with skilled fighters. Little did he know that he is in possession of a lost treasure map linked to the Qing Dynasty, and must refrain himself from consummating his marriage to master the "Virgin Kung Fu" skills to overcome his opponents."

New Movie..Kualiti DVDRip.. Genre: Action | Comedy .. English & Malay IDX Sub... Sila join menggunakan hj split atau 7zip sebelum play (kecuali single link) .. ~SELAMAT MENONTON~